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Built with all your industry needs in mind, Bila Mipaka (Swahili for “no limits”) is an innovative mobile workforce management solution that empowers both field workers and resource managers. This simple, cloud-based reporting system arms manager with crucial data to make real-time decisions that optimize employee assignments and quality of work, while reducing your businesses’ operational expenses.

Bridge the gap between field technicians, back office & management

  • Real-time recording of employee’s whereabouts is transmitted to managers for effective control at all times.

  • Custom made forms allow for easy employee reporting.

  • Analysis-based reports are produced with a click of a button.

  • Independent mobile app works both online and offline.

  • Minimize operational expenses by eliminating redundant site visits due to miscommunication and lack of accurate reporting.

Cloud-based management

Paper-based reports are hard to keep track of, time consuming to fill out and organize, a security risk and often short on information. Bila Mipaka’s mobile, cloud-based platform involves easy-to-fill-out forms and consolidates all data gathered in one, secure place that is simple to access for better time management and increased security.

Live workforce management

Bila Mipaka brings the field and the back office together, overcoming typical challenges associated with a distributed and diverse workforce. Real-time reporting and tracking allows field workers to resolve issues faster and more efficiently, with less time and money wasted on unnecessary repeat visits.

Smart data analysis

Bila Mipaka’s desktop application (Bila View) archives and analyzes all your data in one place. Using advanced artificial intelligence, it highlights important figures and trends, enabling you to effortlessly understand your business costs, statuses, outliers, behaviors and supply usage so you can plan ahead better and save on OPEX.

A Modular, Tailor-made Solution for Your Business

The Bila Mipaka is seamlessly integrated with Galooli’s additional mobile and fixed asset management solutions, offering businesses a holistic way to manage all elements of their operations, and optimize their performance and expenditures.

The team behind the Bila Mipaka is committed to meeting all customer needs and achieving 100% customer satisfaction. The team works side by side with businesses and guides them in setting benchmarks, understanding data and customizing features to meet their unique objectives.

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