Remote mobile asset management solutions Tailor-made for companies with mobile assets in the automotive business and beyond

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Fuel Efficiency

Precise, live measurements of fuel levels accurately chart usage and expenditures, alerting when sudden drops in fuel levels are detected.

Driver Behavior

Smart driver behavior component accurately detects hazardous driving and assesses drivers according to their real-time on-road performance, in addition to highlighting implications on organizational budget and safety.

Preventive Maintenance

Countless data points are collected and analyzed to provide straightforward insights for maintaining optimal vehicle maintenance and efficiency.

Data Management

Intuitive dashboards clearly display and break down all expenses, helping to identify and isolate potential areas of overspending.

Workforce Management

Complete your asset management experience with Bila Mipaka - a workforce management solution that empowers both field technicians and resource managers. Bila Mipaka replaces manual reporting with cloud-based progress reports so you can easily make data-driven conclusions to improve your workforce on the go.

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Galooli OTO stands out as a global partner in remote mobile asset management with a distinct focus on maximizing fleet and workforce performance and cutting OPEX. Built on more than a decade of experience and expertise, our end-to-end solutions offer the most advanced telematics technology coupled with an AI-based platform, that translates multivariate data points into bottom-line results.

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